Watershed Campout – June 22-24

After a wet start the troop arrived at the watershed campsite and set up camp. Mr. Marron and Ian joined the troop late after they picked up Ian’s prescription for his suspected deer tick bite. Friday night was cooler than the previous evenings but we still lit a fire and enjoyed out snacks before heading to bed, with Mr. Held, Mr. Folk and Mr. Marron being the last into bed.

Saturday dawned cool and clear. After a big breakfast of pancakes and sausages we bummed around camp a bit enjoying the suddenly cool temps before making our sandwiches and heading off to the ponds to do a little fishing. Our hike to the ponds took us past Cody’s Eagle Scout project, which looks very good despite all the rain and new growth that has occurred over the past months. Arriving at the ponds we broke out our fishing gear and set to work on landing our fill of bass. Unfortunately, the bass were not cooperating and Mr. Held was the only one to catch anything, a single bass, so after eating out lunches we headed back to camp.

Not long after arriving back at camp we had a visitor in the person of Mr. Place who was out checking on another scout troop that was running his orienteering course. After Mr. Place left the adults decided that since there was still a few hours until dinner that a nap sounded like a good ideas so Mr. Held and Mr. Marron went to their tents and hammock to rest a bit. Mr. Folk stayed up and Mr. Marron seems to recall hearing him describe the differences between wild raspberry bushes and poison ivy. The boys must have been pretty hungry after all the walking and they wanted to start dinner by 5:00 that evening. We of course were not going to argue. About an hour later we were feasting on heaping plates of spaghetti and sauce, with huge rolls and a side salad!

After dinner was done and everything was cleaned up it was time to start another fire. Avery had been preparing for this event all afternoon and had a nice little foundation of a log cabin style fire ready to go. Mr. Marron talked Avery through lighting the fire and a couple of matches later and a little more tinder and we had a nice blaze going. As sunset approached it was time to break out our evening snacks chips ahoy and oreo cookies! Just as Mr. Marron was passing out the cookies we heard a truck approaching the campsite, it was none other than Cody come to visit us and hopefully get some dinner. Well we were out of spaghetti but we had rolls and butter and of course cookies. So he settled in for a visit and a bite to eat.

About a quarter to nine Mr. Marron said something about adding a big log to the fire, but he didn’t think it would burn down enough by bedtime. The scouts dared him to put it on the fire so he did! Don’t dare Mr. Marron! Of course now Mr. Marron had to get this big log to burn so more small sticks and branches were added to the fire, until it was burning hot, hot, hot! Something was said about the inspiration for this fire being Joan of Arc…more wood, more wood, moving coals and banking them up, but by 11:00 the log was still only less than half way gone…so unfortunately we dosed it with water, banked the coals, covered them and went to bed.

Noah was up early to leave for a family function and he and Mr. Marron got another fire going using the left over coals from the previous fire and some tinder just thrown on top of them.

Finally everyone was up, and all the personal tents and gear was packed away. Breakfast was eaten and the troop gear was taken down and stowed away on the trucks. It was another fun weekend of camping and having fun together.

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